“Oko Wa” hopes to welcome voluntary returning failed asylum seekers and volunteers who may be interested in offering assistance in permaculture farming in the near future. The returnees will be able to share their experience with the young locals at „OKO WA. The volunteers shall be free to contribute to the development of the permacultre farm.
Many young people are eager to learn about the true living situation of asylum seekers in Europe. Exchanging experience in „OKO WA“ between the returnees and the locals will provide opportunity for young people to learn about the lving situation of asylum seekers in Germany.
Many asylum seekers, most expecially those without travelling documents, are desillusioned about their perspectives in the places they fled to. Moreover they are often not allowed to work and they are faced with force deportation back to their home countries, In most cases some have no home to return to because they lost the homes before they fled.
The returnees shall share their experience about being refugees, and learn how to contribute with their acquired knowledge and abilities to the Ecovillage itself and/or society in general.
Return with dignity and to dignity.
One of the reaons why many failed asylum seekers would not want to return home is because their is no home to return to and there is no one to welcome them. In some cases families mock the asylum seekers who are forced to return home and they stigmatise them. We will welcome them to our permaculture farm and show that we care about them and we are willing to learn from their experience.
If you want to spend few months with us as volunteers or you want to spend some few days with us as returnees before you proceed to your home, please get in touch with us, we will tell you when this is possible.
OKO WA shall encourage both returnees and young locals to look at creating perspective as permaculture farmers.
Food, clean water for the people in need: The inhabitants shall grow their own food and provide people in need with clean water and food.
Independence and development: OKO WA will use ecological means in gardening, agriculture, transport and electricity production from an early stage on. After establishing Oko Wa the inhabitants shall increase exchange of knowledge in areas such as information technology, art and democracy.
Young people in the surrounding suburbs will have the chance to exchange ideas with the inhabitants about perspectives and at the same time more knowledge about the situation of refugees and the consequences and dangers of illegal migration will be shared.

We want to support the reintegration of voluntary returning asylum seekers and make farming once again attractive to young people in Ibadan Nigeria. We believe that the majority of young women and men from Africa that risked their ways into Europe, many died on the way, would have not chosen to take the illegal way if they had enough information about dangers of illegal migration and if they have alternative means of income. There were functional and successful farm settlements in Ibadan Nigeria before the oil boom. Those farm settlements were abandoned by the government immediately after the oil was discovered in Nigeria. The neglect of these farm settlements results in less food production. However, when refugees from Africa arrive in Germany and other parts of Europe many of them are glad to work on farms. We have been able to visit some ecological farms in Germany for exchange of ideas. The refugees show great interest in farming if it is done in such a way.

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